A Guide to Installing EV Infrastructure in Alberta’s Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
By: Pembina Institute
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While residential EV chargers are the most common and convenient option, many Canadians live in multi-unit residential buildings, such as condos and apartments, where there are few if any EV chargers either in the building’s parking area or nearby.

This guide from the Pembina Institute presents expedient ways to install chargers for electric vehicles and find efficiencies to help make the process smoother in existing residential buildings and new builds. Not only does charging infrastructure increase the value of the building to residents, it also boosts a building’s market value. With the rapid transition from gas-fueled to hybrids and all-electric cars, this guide offers resources and advice for property owners/managers and condo boards on how to prepare for an EV future.

This project was funded in 2022 through the Foundation’s Investment Grant Program to explore the impact of emerging technology infrastructure on real estate.

Drinking Water Source Study for the City of Medicine Hat and the Town of Redcliff
By: South East Alberta Watershed Alliance
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The South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) brings together diverse partners to educate the public, to support knowledge development, and to develop and facilitate the implementation of management plans for the sustainable use of the South Saskatchewan River Sub-Basin and the Pakowki Lake watershed.

The South Saskatchewan River is the drinking water source for the City of Medicine Hat and the Town of Redcliff, and is over-allocated and the daily discharge of the river is on a declining trend. With a projected increase in population, agricultural expansion, and therefore real estate development, and extreme weather events due to climate change, the watershed requires enhanced water management strategies for both water quality and quantity.

The information gathered in this study informs the development of a source water protection plan in collaboration with the City of Medicine Hat, the Town of Redcliff, and with upstream municipalities such as the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge. It serves as a comprehensive decision-making tool to assist planners, developers, landowners, and consumers in determining what levels of development are supportable on the land. Public and stakeholder forums will be held between fall 2023 until spring 2027 – the anticipated completion of the source water protection plan.

This project was funded in 2022 through the Foundation’s Development Grant Program to support sustainable planning and land use management of real property in Alberta.