Alberta’s Real Estate Heritage

The real estate industry in Alberta has played a vital role in shaping communities. Not only has it contributed to the province’s economic development, the history of the transactions it facilitates also chronicle the social, political, demographic, and architectural heritage of cities, towns and rural communities across the province. Collectively and individually, real estate professionals have made and continue to make significant contributions to the fabric of the province, and these deserve to be made known. Alberta’s Real Estate Heritage website is an educational multimedia website showcasing information about all aspects of the real estate industry – its history, people, and landmark buildings.

A Roof Over Our Heads Update

The way in which policy-makers address affordable housing and homelessness has implications for all Canadians. With many federal housing programs set to expire in 2009, it is an appropriate time to carefully consider the future of housing policy. Moreover, numerous studies are showing that a lack of affordable housing is a major reason for increased homelessness. This report provides an overview of federal, provincial, territorial, and select municipal policies.

Renting 101 – A Guide to Renting in Alberta

Taking the laws that apply to renters in Alberta and presenting them in a useful, quick-reference format, this booklet can be used as a convenient ready-reference source for students and first-time renters. This is the latest publication resulting from Phase V of the Legal Resource Centre’s Residential Tenancies Legal Information Program.


Sustainability Primer

These latest publications offer creative methods to help municipalities, businesses and organizations find the balance between planning futures and protecting the environment. The Sustainability Primer offers strategies to difficult planning challenges, while Planning for Sustainability: A Planners Guide details the framework to develop strategic and sustainable goals.

Planning for Sustainability – A Starter Guide

These latest publications offer creative methods to help municipalities, businesses and organizations find the balance between planning futures and protecting the environment. The Sustainability Primer offers strategies to difficult planning challenges, while Planning for Sustainability: A Planners Guide details the framework to develop strategic and sustainable goals.

Strategic Research Draft Summary Presentation: Edmonton Residential Real Estate, REALTOR®S & Consumer Expectations

Professional research through focus groups and a consumer survey to determine what the public knows about RECA and their role, the public’s relationship with RECA and what they want (need) from the regulator to protect them.

Future of Alberta Land Use Customized Land Use Presentations for the Real Estate Industry by Brad Stelfox

This is a customized and interactive powerpoint presentation focused on the real estate industry in Alberta, with emphasis on residential growth.

o Comparison of growing out (sprawl) vs growing up. o Indicators on land footprint, infrastructural construction and maintenance costs, commuting time, fuel requirements, etc. o Projected population growth in urban, rural residential, and agricultural residential settings.

o Changes to family metrics (size, age, other demographics) and how they will influence demand side for different growth forms.

Grant #: 2008-14
Author: Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Year: 2008
Format: Alberta Land Use Presentation

King Tower Solar Wall Report

An energy investigation into the solar wall currently in use at King Tower. The investigation provides a good estimate of the energy output of the solar wall system (2008-2009).

Building Towards Water Efficiency: Policy Innovation and Education in New and Existing Homes

Residential builders and REALTOR®s have been neglected in water efficiency research. But these groups can be a highly influential and there are some exciting examples of innovation in Ontario, the Canadian West and in California. This two-year research project investigates the sample groups’ deep beliefs and values – their tacit knowledge. The results will be used to contribute to effective policy for residential water efficiency.


Crowsnest Pass Affordable Housing Needs Assessment

The Crowsnest Pass Affordable Housing Needs Assessment combined quantitative (statistical) data analysis with targeted Interviews and Focus Group Meetings (qualitative analyses) in order to identify and explore: Population and demographic trends; Household incomes; Housing availability (housing supply, form and tenure including market, nearmarket and non-market housing); Housing issues related to adequacy, suitability, affordability and accessibility; Other indicators of housing/economic hardship where data was available; and Impacts that the community may be experiencing as a result of declining housing affordability and choice.

Grant #: 2008-08
Author: Crowsnest Pass Affordable Housing Committee
Year: 2009
Format: pdf

Alberta Green Roof Conference

The Alberta Ecoroof Initiative co-hosted a regional conference on green roofs in 2008 with the Calgary Zoo and various local organizations. One hundred delegates attended the conference representing a variety of industries including landscaping, architecture, roofing, and real estate and development. The conference featured speakers from Canada and the US on demonstrating the benefits of a green roof system, sharing information on challenges, and advancing an action plan to establish a local green roof industry through case study review, research and policy development. On June 10, 2008, 52 delegates participated in a tour of green roofs both old and newly established to demonstrate what has already been achieved in and around Calgary. The tour concluded at the Alberta Ecoroof Initiative demonstration roof at the Alastair Ross Technology Centre in the University Research Park.

Municipal Land Development Policies and Regulations and the Impact on Calgary Housing Affordability

The report investigated Calgary’s housing affordability since 1980 and offered comparison with other Canadian cities, discussed the factors that affect housing prices, and provided recommendations to improve the affordability of Calgary’s residential real estate market.

Grant #: 2007-40
Author: The Chamber of Commerce
Year: 2008
Format: pdf

A Community Guide to the Planning Process

Community associations have an important role to play in planning. They help to shape and communicate community goals and aspirations in both policy planning and implementation of plans. The purpose of the Guide is to help community volunteers deal with planning issues in an effective and rewarding manner. It is also hoped that the Guide will help to promote positive and productive working relationships among communities, applicants, City staff and all the players in the planning process.


Riparian Land Conservation and Management Policy

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, Rocky View embarked on a Growth Management Strategy in order to facilitate sound land use and development decisions regarding community sustainability, resource management and the environment.

Affordable Housing Initiative: Affordable Housing Facilitator program Status Report

Between October 2000 and April 2003, the total AHI Housing Facilitator program totalled $133,950; funded by AREF and managed by AREA. This analytical report represents the status, content and findings resulting from work completed by the Affordable Housing Facilitators program, Affordable Housing Initiative (2000-2003). It presents the current status of the twenty-nine projects and initiatives involving the direct or indirect support of both Facilitators for the duration of this program.

Cementing our Relationship: Private Sector Involvement in Affordable Housing: A summary report

Cementing Our Relationship highlights affordable housing projects undertaken by Alberta builders and developers and their recommendations to encourage more involvement from within the private sector. Capturing lessons and experiences from the work already being done, this report endeavors to promote increased private sector participation in the production of affordable housing, and provides recommendations to all levels of government regarding key legislative changes that could facilitate further participation by the private sector.

Grant #: 2007-21
Author: United Way of Calgary & Area
Year: 2008
Format: pdf

Stewarding Alberta’s Future Part 1 – Green Communities Guide

The Green Communities Guide will be an essential tool to help elected officials, municipal planners, developers, real estate associations, stewardship groups and citizens develop strategies to conserve water, protect water quality, conserve valuable agricultural land, and protect critical open space and wildlife habitat. Through the guide, municipalities, stewardship groups, and developers will be informed about the innovative approaches other communities are taking to avoid, mitigate, or reduce the impacts of growth and development, to maintain the flow of ecological goods and services from their landscapes.

Grant #: 2007-17
Author: Land Stewardship Centre
Year: 2009
Format: full hard copy available at AREF’s office

Sustainability at home – A toolkit

Sustainability at home is a toolkit that helps homeowners understand how to apply sustainable development concepts to everyday household decisions The toolkit covers an explanation of sustainability; questions to ask while making household decisions; concrete and simple suggestions for every room in your house; renovations; resources for further information and idea and more.Designed for Alberta, this guide will be useful for REALTOR®S® to distribute to new and experienced homeowners alike.


Building Operator Development

BOMA and the Building Operators Association (BOA) have collaborated to develop a program of instruction and qualification to become trained as a building operator. As a broad industry matter in Alberta, developing a supply stream of trained building operators is amongst the industry’s highest and critical priorities.  Without a continuous supply of this trade, it is conceivable that some buildings may have to curtail or even cease operating. Produced course curriculum, material, instructional support and examination. First course will be offered in Calgary in the Fall 2007 with an anticipated 30 – 40 attendees. There will be a similar offering in Edmonton with same expected number of attendees. There is a hard copy of the materials available at the AREF office.

The Future of the South Saskatchewan River Basin

Water interviews with local experts for U of L water research. This resource is available as a hard copy in CD format in the AREF office.

Green REALTOR® Program

Given the recent surge of media attention and consumer interest in “green” opportunities and challenges, the Alberta Real Estate Association and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation commissioned research to better understand the implications for Alberta REALTOR®S®. Seven key trends were identified that make the business case for enhanced attention to green issues by Alberta REALTOR®S®.

Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Urban Development: Toward Smart Growth in Calgary

This policy brief examined the most current and cutting edge research on sustainable cities. It examines the principles of smart growth as a sustainable approach to urban sprawl. 10 key actions are identified to move Calgary on the road to smart growth. This resource is available as a hard copy in the AREF office.


Coronation and District Seniors Housing Needs Assessment

The report offers valuable data and information on the need for seniors’ affordable housing in rural communities

LawNow Summer 2007

LawNow is a bi-monthly magazine that provides unique insights into the changing social conditions by examining and reflecting on contemporary issues from the perspective of the law. This edition featured consumer information on real estate. A hard copy of this resource is available in the AREF office.


Outline and Tentative Plan Application Process Review

Summary of the joint review between Urban Development Institute Calgary (UDI) and the City of Calgary for the building and development review process.

A Study of the Feasibility of a Reciprocal Insurance Exchange for Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

The study explores the feasibility of a reciprocal insurance exchange for the provision of professional liability insurance for members of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA). The study was undertaken as a component of its mission to provide the general public and other stakeholders with the highest possible standards of transparency, integrity, professional conduct, customer service, customer protection by compliance with a common code of ethics and business practices. A hard copy of this resource is available in the AREF office.


Assessing the Proximate Value of Parks and Open Space to Residential Properties in Alberta

The Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) recognizes that the increasing urbanization of Alberta has significant implications parks planning, quality of life and economically sustainable communities. The premise, upon which the Proximate Principle is based, is that residential properties located near an amenity such as a park, open space or water way, will attract a higher capitalized value. Further, the higher capitalized value will result in incrementally higher levels of municipal property taxes, which when aggregated, are theorized to be sufficient to pay for the annual costs related to the development and maintenance of the amenity.


Broker Benchmarking Study

A culmination of a project to benchmark the profitability and other characteristics of our province’s real estate brokerages.

The International Housing Coalition Case Study 3: Aboriginal Housing in Canada: Building on Promising Practices

This study entitled Aboriginal Housing in Canada: Building On Promising Practices was prepared as part of a series organized by the International Housing Coalition (IHC) for presentation at the World Urban Forum in June 2006. This resource is available as a hard copy in the AREF office.

Development Road Map and Best Practices in Southwest Alberta

This document provides an overview of likely regulatory processes and related issues in respect of potential development projects that may be proposed in southwest Alberta.

Residential Tenancies Legal Information Project Phase III

This website offers comprehensive information on laws for landlords and tenants in Alberta. The information contained on this site was correct at the time it was posted. Be aware that it is possible there may have been subsequent changes, which make the information outdated at the time you are accessing it.

Evaluation of REALTOR®S Initiative for Affordable Home Ownership (The Home Program)

An evaluation of the impact of the HOME program on its participants and to ascertain what, if any, improvements can be made to the program. This resource is available in hard copy format on the AREF office.


Alberta Formed – Alberta Transformed

CD – Edmonton launch April 18, 2006

Grant #: 2005-07
Author: University of Alberta
Year: 2006
Format: hard copy

People & Place

This report was written by the People and Place project team. It addresses the primary purpose of the project – a business rationale and strategy for the development of a mixed-use affordable housing/business incubator liner building along International Avenue (17th Avenue SE) in Greater Forest Lawn.


The Fiscal Implications of Land Use in a Rural Municipality: A Cost of Community Services (COCS) Study for Red Deer County, Alberta

Land use planning is a complex process. The report is designed to help connect the fiscal land use components of municipal decision making in a straight forward and cost-effective way. Red Deer county sits at Alberta’s centre. It is one of the fastest growing regions in Alberta. The county looked at the cost of community services study to better plan for the future.


The Wetaskiwin Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment for the City of Wetaskiwin the County of Wetaskiwin No.10 and the Town of Millet

This comprehensive housing needs assessment is designed to provide an overall strategy for Seniors’ Homes & Community Housing to follow in addressing affordable housing issues within the City of Wetaskiwin, the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 and the Town of Millet. This resource is available in hard copy format at the AREF office.

Farm, Ranch and Acreage Property Program: Needs Assessment December 2004

A unique training opportunity for REALTOR®S® to achieve excellence in rural client service . The course includes: * Presentations from experts in related fields * Touring country residential properties and looking at characteristics that affect value * Critical thinking and group discussion to turn industry challenges into solutions.

Ecotrust Eco-Home Demonstration Project

The Alberta Ecohome outlined four primary goals relating to the environmental performance of the home and the engagement of community groups, industry groups and the greater community. A. Design and construct an eco-demonstration home. B. Provide a platform for numerous collaborations and partnership in the community. C. Build the capacity of environmental non-government organizations (NGOs). D. Provide new opportunities to build awareness of energy efficiency and environmental options for new homebuyers and the community.

Grant #: 2004-22
Author: Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Year: 2006
Format: hard copy

SAIT Course Module: Alberta’s “Green” Building Programs and Initiatives

This course was funded as part of the Albert Eco-Home Demonstration project and identifies the builder and renovator requirements for developing “green” homes. It also outlines the homebuyer benefits of each of the “green” programs and initiatives in Alberta, including: EnerGuide for New Houses, EnerGuide for Existing Houses, Built Green and R-2000. This resource is available in hard copy format at the AREF office.

Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative

The Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative is a part of the Canada West Foundation’s “Western Cities Project”. The report outlines the environmental costs of current development and highlights the potential econmic and environmental benefits of integrating natual features and ecological services into community design. The overall intent of the report is to encourage policmakers, the development industry , consumers and other interested parties to work together to enhance public policy. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta: Alberta’s Amenities Rush

The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta is a community training workshop series designed to help rural residents understand and practice sustainable land use and conservation. The booklet and accompanying workshops are meant to engage community residents, municipal officials, and land management and development professionals in a dialogue that provides an understanding of the nature of Alberta’s current growth and its impacts, imparts an appreciation of the ecological and cultural values of natural landscapes, and offers strategies and tools that help participants identify, anticipate and address local land use issues.


On the Living Edge: Your Guide for Waterfront Living

On The Living Edge contains information specifically for lakefront and streamside properties in Alberta. REALTOR®S® use this publication as a gift for waterfront purchasers, information for consumers and for pre-purchase support. The publication includes information on erosion, septic systems, building by water and purchasing tips.


Home Buyers’ Guide to Environmental Stewardship

The guide is a resource to inform prospective home buyers about the area’s environmental and lifestyle assets. It encourages environmentally responsible choices and stewardship actions relating to living in close proximity to wildlife and habitat corridors.

LawNow June/July 2003

LawNow Magazine featuring the topic of housing. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Strategy 2007: Residential Real Estate in Alberta

The real estate industry is changing and so are technologies and consumer attitudes. The report offers a comprehensive summary of real estate buyers, sellers and strategies for the industry in Alberta .

Consumer Receptivity and Environmental Performance of Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The purpose of the project is to enhance commercial REALTOR®S® understanding of the development potential around LRT stations for mixed use development/redevelopment and to enhance residential REALTOR®S® understanding of affordable housing strategies for first time buyers (starters) and mature buyers (finishers). This resource is available in hard copy format at the AREF office.

LawNow June/July 2004

LawNow Magazine with a feature on water. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Brownfield Redevelopment in Alberta: Analysis and Recommended Reforms

The fact sheets and report provide answers to common questions that land owners, real estate professionals, developers and community residents have about brownfields.

Grant #: 2002-33
Author: Jodie Hierlmeier for Environmental Law Centre
Year: 2006
Format: Fact Sheet 1 Fact Sheet 2

Conservation easements in Alberta: Programs and Possibilities

‘Conservation easements’ have been gaining popularity since their introduction in the province in 1996. This publication can help property owners understand more about one of the land conservation possibilities available to them.

Community Consultation in the Planning and Development Process

An overview of the community consultation process from idea inception through development completion. It also offers information, tools, resources and encouragement to enhance the process. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

A Conservation Tool Chest for Landowners: Investing in the Land You Love

A booklet created for private landowners by the Alberta Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada outlining the various tools that are available for private land conservation; ways for individuals to protect their rural communities and the stunning landscapes that surround them. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

REALTOR® Safety Education Initiative Package

A package of REALTOR® safety educational materials to educate the real estate industry about the personal safety risks involved with being a REALTOR®, while at the same time assist brokers in complying with provincial legislation. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Creating a Future of Home Ownership for Persons with Developmental Disabilities May 2003

Various vignettes of experiences of developmentally challenged people in a variety of living situations. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Talking With Your Neighbour: A guide to resolving conflicts with your neighbour

A booklet with information pertaining to resolving conflicts with neighbours. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Your New Home – A Guide to Healthy Living & Environmental Cost Saving

Buying or Renting a New Home? Learn about improved home health and cost savings through energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation and waste management. This guide will enable the reader to identify homes that offer a healthy living environment and below average operating costs. Included in the guide are checklists, websites and valuable information on assessing operating costs. The guide offers tips for assessing the health of a home and is a resource for both home owners and renters. More information can be found on the Clean Calgary website.


A Community Economic Development Investment Fund for Alberta

A document outlining the proposed detailed fiscal framework of how a Community Economic Development Investment fund could operate in Alberta. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Cochrane Affordable Housing Strategy – Building our Community for the Future

A document which was created to serve as a long-term working guide to help the community achieve continuity in the housing continuum. It is divided into two components: the Strategy and, the Needs Assessment. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Get the Real Dirt

A practical legal guide to contaminated land transactions and promotions. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF Office.

Universal Home Safe Living 2000 CD

A CD that demonstrates and documents the implementation of a universal housing design which supports safety and independence. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Universal Home For Safe Living: A Report

A document describing the recommended modifications for the redesign and construction of the “Universal Home for Safe Living” house with universal design concepts. As well, the report describes the successful and not so successful experiences regarding the implementation of the modifications. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Communities, Not Complexes VHS tape

A VHS recording of a program designed to help residents, owners and managers of rental properties prevent illegal activity. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Professional Responsibility

Development of a classroom-based, continuing education, mandatory course on ethics and codes of conduct. This course manual is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Property Managers Course Development CD

A CD containing the manual, lesson plans and exam for a Property Managers Course. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

The Ideal Community: design criteria that foster participation in civic and community life

A study on addressing problems in urban design criteria for an ideal community project when new communities are proposed. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Help Lock Out Apartment Thieves Brochure

Brochure produced for apartment owners with tips for making the individuals responsible for their own security in an apartment complex. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Reducing Risk in Your Real Estate Office

Course material workbook for professional development course on the on-going risk management program being promoted by Real Estate Insurance Exchange. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

LawNow June/July 1995

LawNow 1995 issue focusing on real estate issues. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention; A Handbook for Real Estate Practitioners

Instructor’s Plan for seminar, including a VHS tape on sexual assault prevention in real estate – industry and community perspectives, meant as supporting information for the seminar. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.


Implementing a Municipal Growth Management Strategy: A Case Study of Canmore, Alberta

A case study on implementing a Municipal Growth Management Strategy. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Redeveloping Calgary’s Post War Communities

This paper examines the housing stock of post-war inner city neighbourhoods and proposes a future in which sensitive and economically viable re-use and redevelopment strategies can provide new and innovative housing alternatives for the Calgary market. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.


We Build These Cities

Education program which explores the roles played by private and corporate land development companies as they design, plan and build new residential communities. This VHS tape resource is available in the AREF office.

Reconciling Ecosystem and Political Borders: A Legal Map

A research document maintaining ecological integrity in a multi-jurisdictional area. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Developing A Model of Shared Accommodation: The Case of the Revolving Door Housing Program

An articulation of the revolving door housing model created by CHOOSE: The Fellowship. The paper also goes on to identify the factors critical to the model’s success and look at how the model could be adapted and extended to meet the needs of other cities and target groups. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.

Legal Liability of the REALTOR® and Environmental Regulation

An examination of the potential legal liability facing the REALTOR® with regard to the new environmental regulation. This resource is available in hard copy format in the AREF office.