Uncovering Real Estate Value Through Digital Home Label Pilot

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Total Funded: $275,000
Location: Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta

In the next decade, the residential real estate sector is going to feel the impacts from the global shift to address how energy is produced and used in our homes. These changes are being led by governments and corporations to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as the effects of climate change are being felt more readily. Every industry will need to adapt, and REALTORS® can be leaders within the residential housing sector.

REALTORS® are critical players in the low carbon transition of housing stock in Alberta. Residential buildings account for approximately 30% of the urban emissions in Calgary and Edmonton. REALTORS® can lead the next generation of homes and homebuyers by leaning into the energy efficiency, electric vehicle, and on-site renewable revolution that is occurring. However, they need tools and support which this project will help provide.

This project will help position REALTORS® as trusted experts at the intersection of real estate and home energy efficiency. The pilot will measure the value to REALTORS® and home buyers from providing a comparable energy score for every home in Edmonton and Calgary. This project will also set the Alberta real estate industry apart in Canada as the first jurisdiction to attempt digital home energy labeling at such a large scale and across two urban centres, with the goal of scaling to other municipalities.


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