Return-On-Investment Urban Modelling Pilot Project

City of Airdrie and University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Center for Civilization)

Total Funded: $100,000
Location: Airdrie, Alberta

The City of Airdrie has held the title of the fastest growing city in Alberta for over a decade. The city has flourished with new construction, business development and large infrastructure projects to support growth but, with exponential growth, also comes a unique set of challenges.

Long term, efficient planning is complex when conditions are changing so rapidly. The need for accurate projections and data is critical to support sound and sustainable decision making.

The Return-On-Investment Urban Modelling Project Pilot will empower communities, starting with the City of Airdrie, to promote development patterns that secure fiscal condition and create a strong sense of place. The project aims to bridge the gaps between economic analysis, public policy, and urban design.

The project will be replicable in communities across Alberta and Canada who need this type of modelling for effective urban planning.

Land – Support sustainable land use planning and management.