REET Institute App

The REET Institute

Total Funded: $200,000
Location: , Alberta

The REET Institute focuses on reaching diverse, racialized youth and introducing them to a career pathway in commercial real estate. They have successfully operated in urban areas but recognizes the need to extend their reach to rural and remote communities. By doing so, they can ensure that all youth, regardless of their geographical location, have equal access to their program and the opportunities it offers.

Youth living in rural and remote communities face unique challenges, including limited access to educational resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. This lack of exposure to the real estate industry hinders their ability to pursue careers in this field.

The app will address this critical education gap by providing a comprehensive platform that brings their program directly to these communities, enabling them to access the same resources and opportunities as their urban counterparts.

Real Estate Leadership – Elevate the real estate industry through continuous improvement, inclusion and representation, and professional standards.