Mortgage Broker Education Initiative

Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

Total Funded: $250,000
Location: , Alberta

It is increasingly important that new and experienced mortgage brokers are fully prepared to provide the consumer with the best possible knowledge and advice. As an industry association with a strategic plan that includes a significant emphasis on education and professional development, AMBA is uniquely suited to provide mortgage broker candidates, new professionals, and existing industry professionals with the insight and knowledge—as well as real-world skills and experience—required to ensure that the public’s interests are being protected and indeed well served by the real estate industry. AMBA is dedicated to educating the industry to the highest of standards.

The scope and development of these courses, including re-licensing education, will build and support strong, driven industry professionals and create cohesive, confident teams within the brokerage industry. By providing a gateway to learning while delivering clear and concise direction, and navigating the mortgage brokerage industry competencies and requirements, the foundation of these courses will promote the development of skills and confidence, while maintaining the highest regard of ethics to support the mortgage professional within the industry as essential, ethical, and the top choice for consumers. The byproduct of a well-educated industry is a well-informed public who feels confident in their own understanding of the mortgage transaction.

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Legacy Grants program supports distinctive and high-impact projects which drive transformational long-term change to advance the real estate industry and real estate across Alberta.