Enhancing Real Estate and Land Use Planning through Urban Farming in Alberta Municipalities

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Urban Farming

Total Funded: $50,000
Location: , Alberta

Municipal decision-makers and planners recognize the key benefits in urban farming but knowledge or integration of sustainable practices with real estate opportunities is limited. Both promotion of sustainable practices and a better understanding of what occurs in urban farming in Alberta can aid cities to improve real estate values in order to attract diverse residents and maintain/improve our quality of life. This project aims to provide the real estate industry with knowledge on urban farms and the potential to maximize vacant real estate for Albertan cities. This research will benefit the real estate community by exploring alternative usages of urban spaces while improving industry and/or commercial use and the quality of life for residents in the area through policies and practices related to urban farming and sustainability.

Real Estate Leadership – Mobilize the use of under-utilized real estate inventory through research into and/or implementation of policy, practices, or projects.