Discussion Paper outlining future initiatives

The purpose of this discussion paper is to provide a framework for future discussions to build upon the existing partnership between the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and the Alberta School of Business.

Green Acreages Guide – Summary Book

The Green Acreages Guide summary book provides a concise overview of the sustainability issues related to rural residential and recreational property ownership in Alberta. It includes management options, resources, and agencies landowners can consult for further information. The summary booklet is a complimentary piece to the Green Acreages Guide workbook, a comprehensive

introduction to sustainability in a rural residential context.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program

Energy efficiency is well regarded as the most cost effective way to reduce GHG emissions and improve energy sustainability. This project will pilot and demonstrate the feasibility of a program to support building owners in identifying, financing and undertaking energy efficiency upgrades. This will create significant energy savings, increase the value and quality of real estate, create jobs and reduce environmental impact.

Partnership to Raise Another Roof with Habitat@

Construction of a Habitat for Humanity home to support a low income family in Sherwood Park.

Thought Leader 2012

A Thought Leader presentation in two Alberta cities in the year 2012.

Supporting the Future of Nonprofit Leadership in Alberta

This project is intended to support the long term leadership capacity of the Alberta nonprofit sector. It involves a critical foundational research component as well as the development of practical resources to support and sustain executive leadership

Alberta Tomorrow: Future Land-use Simulations of Alberta and Urban Simulator

The ALCES Group wishes to complete a series of free education-focused analyses and projects that relate directly to the objectives of the AREF. The projects are direct extensions of previous work completed by the ALCES Group for AREF and as such offer continuity of purpose to help Albertans understand the importance and challenges associated with urban design within a matrix of rapidly growing land use.

Botanic Gardens III & Treatment Wetlands

Construction of a research facility around the use and management of treatment wetlands in urban residential and industrial settings.  Several naming opportunities are available.

Outreach to the Athabasca Watershed Community about the Athabasca State of the Watershed Report, Phase 2.

Communication of the recently completed State of the Watershed Report Phase 2 through public participation events in Hinton, Athabasca, Conklin and Fort MacMurray.  the public participation events will be carried out by a professional facilitator and the proceedings of the events will be recorded, analyzed, compiled into a report and the participants will be provided feedback.

Sustainability Transition Lab: Dialogue for a Sustainable and Prosperous Edmonton (Phase II)

Engagement of community partners to address systemic challenges of a sustainable and prosperous Edmonton and follows upon Phase I in which the groundwork for future collaboration were set. In this phase a series of projects will be launched that help the community address sustainability and prosperity as well as build on the City’s key strategic plans, The Way We Green and The Way We Prosper.

Solar Array applied research project

A solar array system will be installed in Northern Alberta which will increase the diversity and depth of the data collected for the NAIT Solar Array Project.  The energy generation data will be compiled and analyzed by NAIT’s technical team and students.  This will inform and guide the construction industry, homeowners and others interested in using solar energy in northern climates.

Doors Open YYC 2012

Doors Open YYC is a city-wide event that provides free and open public access to buildings of a wide variety of heritage, architectural, cultural and social significance for one weeklong-long celebration, September 29 and 30, 2012.

2013 Community Sponsorships

The purpose of the sponsorship fund is to enhance Foundation profile through support of community and industry events.  The fund reduces administrative demands by allowing staff to award small grants without seeking Board approval.