Support for the Melton Chair in Real Estate

Grant will complete the fundraising required to establish a Chair in real estate. This will enable real estate studies as an educational option for MBA and undergraduate students, and to conduct research regarding real estate matters.

Residential Tenancies Program 2013-2014

This extension will enable the LRC to continue to respond to the legal information needs of Albertans concerning their accommodation issues. The LRC’s website, publications, seminars and participation in provincial activities provide accessible and readable information on topics which impact most Albertans.

Phase I – ALTA Community Building for Conservation Project

Phase I of the project will collect information regarding the resource needs and assess the demand for conservation planning among municipalities and land trusts in Alberta as well as the need to address public concerns within communities.

Programs and Possibilities: Conservation Easements in Alberta” – a resource for Alberta landowners

Development of a web-based resource for landowners and their advisors regarding conservation easement programs in Alberta.

At the Crossroads: Improving Human Safety on Alberta’s Highway 3

The project further advances previous studies concerning wildlife-vehicle collisions to build public consensus and government commitment to measures and techniques for responsible transportation planning.  The main focus of the project is consumer education intended to increase safety and reduce collisions with wildlife.

Home and Land Stewardship One Household at a Time: Developing Sustainable Communties with Household Eco Teams

To measurably improve individual home and individual land stewardship through EcoTeam workthop programs and associated activities and events.

Protecting and Preserving the Fish Creek Watershed

Our Watershed Stewardship project protects and preserves the ecological integrity of the fish Creek Watershed by monitoring and assessing the creek water and selected wildlife, mobilizing volunteers in activities that will protect the aquatic ecosystem and reporting the results to those who can improve policies and management strategies.  We are looking for support for Phase two of the Watershed Public Awareness campaign that will engage communities to act and ensure that the water in Fish Creek is safe, clean, sufficient and able to sustain Fish Creek Park for future generations to enjoy.

Sustainable Land Use: Planning for a prosperous Alberta

Two Regional Planning Speakers Series panel events and special sections in two issues of Curb magazine dedicated to land use planning and land stewardship policy. The objective of the project is to create forums for leaders in planning, development and real estate to critically discuss current challenges in sustainable land-use, build partnerships and use this increased capacity to create best practices for prosperous and sustainable land stewardship in the Alberta context.

Social Innovation (SI) HUB Community Connection Pilot Project

Building upon the proven models from Vancouver and Toronto, and other urban centres, this proposal seeks support for the establishment of a Social Innovation Hub in Calgary. AREF funding will be used for (1) organization of outreach to secure tenants and members (2) engagement with REALTORS® and site visits for the purposes of preparing a shortlist of appropriate commercial spaces (3) preliminary design of the space to green building standards (4) outreach to major donors for longterm funding (5) preparation of marketing materials, contract templates, etc.  The Social Innovation Hub may become a model for reviving underused space to create real estate value and enhance communities in Calgary, following smart growth principles.

Community and Real Estate Industry sponsorship 2012

Sponsorship funds to be directed towards real estate industry events, and toward small community projects and charitable endeavours such as conferences, golf tournament, or other fundraisers.