Member Reengagement Study

Project is designed to better acces the service needs of members of the Calgary Board in order to enhance their proficiency in the practise of their profession.

Alberta Real Estate Foundation On-Line Knowledge Centre

The project will create a searchable online database and resource library. This will enhance accessibility to Foundation publications and funded projects for Albertans and others looking for information about real estate community initiatives.

Thought Leaders Series

Customized series of 3 articles by thought leaders in Alberta for the real estate industry. The thought leaders will also be available to speak at 6-8 speaking engagements for the Alberta Real Estate Boards and Real Estate Organizations.

Give Green Canada – Alberta Field Test

This project will support and foster knowledge about issues around land use practises and provide conservation and environmental stewardship organizations with the tools and training to be more financially sustainable.  The project will build on a similar field test currently underway in BC funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

The Canadian Water Innovation Lab 2010

The Canadian Water Innovation Lab in Exshaw, Alberta, will bring together 250 young Canadians with key water decision-makers and stakeholders to explore solutions to water resource management problems. Participants will learn through experiential activities, tools and connections to prepare them for leadership roles in water management in the future.

Alberta Tomorrow – Educating Alberta Students on Alberta’s Land Use Issues

Direct delivery online to the classroom of the Settlement Growth Simulator (developed with the assistance of AREF) will allow students in the Alberta Education System to explore the benefits and challenges of alternative land use scenarios and human settlement growth strategies.

Modeling market Based Instruments to Conserve Watersheds in Southern Alberta and Analysis of the Government of Alberta’s Discussion Paper on Market-Based Instruments

A series of municipal based workshops to create community visions for the implementation of market-based instruments in at least two municipalities in southern Alberta as well as analysis of the Government of Alberta’s forthcoming conservation and stewardship policy paper.

DHA Recycling Program

Drumheller Housing Authority Recycling Program

100th House – Platinum Level Built Green TM Certification

Application for construction of the 100th Habitat Home in the Calgary area to be enrolled with the Built Green Society of Canada.  Habitat will strive to reach Platinum level certification.

Southern Foothills Community Land Stewardship Initiative

The Southern Foothills Community Land Stewardship Initiative is a citizen-based process to develop recommendations that will provide direction to provincial, municipal and non-profit land use planning and stewardship efforts, in order to protect and enhance the integrity of the Southern Foothills landscape of SW Alberta.

MLS Energy Labeling Pilot

To assess, implement, on a pilot basis energy labeling as part of the MLS listing system.

Charity Fundraising for Ronald McDonald House

A Ronald McDonald House is being constructed in Red Deer, ;with groundbreaking ceremonies to commence Spring 2010. The Central Alberta Realtors(R) Charitable Foudation is raising funds to assist with the project.  Funds given by the Foundation will be used to construct one of the laundry or kitchen facilities.

Neighborhood Sustainability Planning Toolkit

The Neighborhood Sustainability Planning Guidebook and Toolkit will be a valuable resource for residents, neighborhood stakeholders and municipal governments as it will help to align and link their respective activities, services, land use, infrastructure planning, etc. towards a desirable and sustainable future.

Residential Tenancies Legal Information Project

Information available to immigrant communities regarding landlord, tenancy, foreclosure and bankruptcy are this application’s main priorities for information in basic English or translation

YMCA Welcome Village Affordable Housing

The YMCA is seeking assistance in funding construction, particularly the energy efficiency elements of the YMCA welcome village. The YMCA Welcome Village is a 150 unit, affordable housing structure, child care centre and family resource centre in downtown Edmonton.

Building for Liberty Capital Campaign

CREB Charitable Foundation is donating $500,000 to the building of the Brenda Stafford Foundation and is asking that we provide matching funding. The project is for emergency shelter, second stage shelter services and affordable housing options for women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

Hammers for Humanity 2010

The REALTORS®  Association of Lloydminster & District is selling hammers donated and engraved locally for $100 each to raise funds to support Habitat for Humanity projects in Lloydminster.  Funds will be donated to Habitat projects in Vermilion and Wainwright Districts. The application seeks matching funds to the amount raised.

2011 Sponsorships

The purpose of providing sponsorships is to offer limited support to organizations and their events that meet the funding criteria of the Foundation.  For example conferences, golf tournaments and other real estate related activities.