Partnership in INAC First Nations Home Ownership Capacity Building Workshop Series

Funding will support CREA in partnership with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, BMO Financial Group and RBC Financial Group to support a series of five (5) workshops between November 2008 and February 2009.

ALTA Community Outreach Program

The Alberta Land Trust Alliance is the umbrella organization for Alberta’s land trusts (not for profit charitable organizations that have as one of their core objectives the conservation of private land) and strives to build capacity in land trusts to conserve diverse and ecologically important landscapes in Alberta. This project will directly benefit Alberta’s land trust community (professionals such as realtors, developers, appraisers, lawyers, accountants and financial planners, landowners, land trusts and governments-all levels) by building awareness and transferring knowledge about land conservation in Alberta and by building capacity for land trusts and the ALTA which in turn, will enable Albertans to enhance the ecological quality of their communities.

Healthy Homes Calgary

Clean Calgary Association staff and volunteers will conduct home visits to 400 Calgary households during which time we will assess the “health” of the home and take immediate, hands-on action to improve the indoor air quality and reduce the amount of energy, water, and other resources used in the household. Staff and volunteers will follow up and provide resources for long-term sustained behaviour change and will calculate the impact of these cumulative actions.

Sustainable Action Canmore

Canmore residences will be canvassed and householders enlisted to adopt sustainable behaviours with regards to water use, energy efficiency, waste reduction and transportation. In 2008, AREF supported the Sustainability at Home Toolkit.  A copy will be hand delivered to each Canmore resident, asking for a commitment to sustainabilty.  Follow up activities will provide opportunities for participants to take further action and the results will be disseminated.

Land and Water – Connecting Science, Stewardship Opportunities, And Public Awareness

This project will build awareness about the critical linkage between land use and water resources in the southern foothills of Alberta with a long-term aim to increasing land stewardship activities. The project will result in the completion of a scientific paper on the linkage between land and water as well as a survey of opinion leaders to determine what opportunities there are to increase land stewardship activities in this critical region.

Let’s Raise A Roof Together!

Matching grant for construction of a low income home by Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton supported by the REALTORS Association of Edmonton.

Land-Use Framework and Conservation Speaker Series

To develop a 5 part speaker series to deliver to the public and the Real Estate Industry in southern Alberta about the land use framework and the importance of conservation of parks and wildrness spaces in our province.

2009-Tri-Annual Industry Research Development

Application to allocate up to $15,000 to have staff, with appropriate consultant support, design the tri-annual research commissioned by the Foundation. The tri-annual research focises on developing baseline demongraphic research on the industry.

Alberta Water Learning Network

The Albrta Water Learning Network brings together water-focused NGO’s from across the province for a series of retreats that enhance their capabilities to meet the increasingly salient issue of water resources sustainability. The fall session will focus on building communications and marketing skills among those leading water focused nonprofits.

Athabasca River Valley – Community landscape Vision Process

The Athabasca River Valley – Community Landscape Visioning Process is a citizen-led, community values mapping process to provide broad-baed public recommendations for land use in the Athabasca River Valley west of Hinton, AB.

The Future of Carsharing in Calgary: Policy Development and Sustainability

Carsharing has the potential to help reduce Calgary’s carbon footprint, build more vibrant communities and enhance the quality of life for economically challenged and socially/geographically isolated Calgarians. Through research coordination, policy development, stakeholder collaboration and community engagement this project will explore ways in which local carsharing groups can grow sustainably and enhance Calgary’s community and transportation development efforts.

Greening Roofs in Edmonton, Alberta

Following the example of Albera Ecoroof Initiative in Calgary, we are proposing to establish three green roofs and evaluate possible plant species for greening in Edmonton while initiating NAIT students to green roof technology.

A “How To” Guide for Accessing Environmental Information in Alberta

The ELC proposes to write and publish a “how to” guide for accessing environmental information in Alberta. This guide will become the “one stop shop” for environmental information in this province.

Long Term Sustainability Protocol Development

Development of standard protocols for baseline inventory, land monitoring, continued stewardship, communications and risk management models. Deliverables are to be available for use by other land trusts in Alberta.

To Develop a Standard for the Assessment and Remediation of Houses Seized Due to Illicit Operations

To Develop a Standard for the Assessment and Remediation of Houses Seized Due to Illicit Operations

Regional Planning in Alberta- Speakers Series

This educational program helps Alberta communities learn how to manage growth in a way that promotes sustainability, supports a robust economy, encourages collaboration, and improves the quality of life of its citizens.

Enhancing Industry Practise and Professionalism – Block Funding

Block funding initiatives to enhance industry practice and professionalism, backed by concrete consumer research. These projects will better align industry members’ practice with the needs of today’s real estate consumer, support the real estate consumer by enhancing their knowledge about the industry and the real estate transaction and increase industry knowledge and credibility on issues that impact Albertans’ quality of life.

2010 Sponsorships

The purpose of providing sponsorships is to offer limited support to organizations and their events that meet the funding criteria of the Foundation. For example conferences, golf tournaments and other related activities.

2010 Real Estate Board Enhanced

The Board’s vision directs Foundation activities towards building an agile, adept and respected real estate industry. Staff proposed the Governors make alternative funding opportunities available to REB’s to increase the impact of the Foundation in building local REB strength, as well as increasing Foundation profile outside of Calgary and Edmonton.

Residential Tenancies Legal Information Program 2011-2012.

Funds provide support for the Legal Information program which includes the Laws for Landlords and Tenants website and its related publications and activities. The grant extension will continue to expand the work related to landlord/tenant information but will broaden the scope to areas beyond the Residential Tenancies Act and will produce web and printed educational materials related to condominiums, low income housing and housing options for seniors.

MLS Listings for Existing Homes “Green” Rating System – Feasibility Study

To assess the feasibility of developing and incorporating a “green” building rating into the MLS listing system.

At Home in Nature: Helen Schuler Nature Centre Facility Enhancement Project

Enhancement and expansion of the Helen Schuler Ntaure Centre with innovative building technologies to address water usage, energy consumption, waste management, space constraints, occupant health and wellness. Sustainable construction will be emphasized and interpreted through signage and tours to encourage visitors to introduce similar technologies in their own homes and businesses.

Cows and Fish Education & Outreach – Communicating Ecological Worth

Part 1: Outreach to educate landowners, realtors and consumers on maintaining the ecological and economic value of lands along streams and lakes. Part 2: Sharing short outreach podcasts from our website to reach younger and technically savvy audiences on their own schedule.

Landlord Research Project – Pilot

Qualitative Study of the attitudes and opinions of private Landlords in Calgary to investigate their potential ability to help solve the homelessness crisis. Beyond the life of the proposed grant, we intend to deploy the current proposal’s methodology and findings to province-and nation-wide research.

Preserving the Bow Valley – The Heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ecosystem

The goal of this project is to develop an agenda for private land stewardship in the Bow Valley, in and around Canmore, AB. In doing so, the project will help municipalities, businesses, land trusts, private land owners, and other organizations to find the balance between preservation of wildlife habitat and responsible land use planning for future generations.

Strategic Plan Development Meeting, October 20 and 21, 2009

To provide funding to CREB’s governance education and development plan and have asked the Foundation for funding to support this initiative as a supplement the 2009 enhanced funding program.