Transportation Land Use Connection presentation by E.J. Miller
By: City-Region Studies Centre University of Alberta
Grant Number: 2009-20

An educational program offering presentations geared to teaching Alberta communities about how to manage growth in a way that promotes sustainability, supports a robust economy, encourages collaboration, and improves the quality of life of its citizens.

Grant #: 2009-20
Author: City-Region Studies Centre University of Alberta
Year: 2010
Format: Link to presentations

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Long Term Sustainability Protocol Development
By: Foothills Land Trust
Grant Number: 2009-18

The Foothill’s land trust developed these materials to enhance a small land trust’s sustainability and operations. Templates developed include: (1) Policies and Procedures (2) Legal Defence Costs (3) Conservation Easement (4) Baseline Template (5) Baseline documentation.

Grant #: 2009-18
Author: Foothills Land Trust
Year: 2010
Format: hard copy, website

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Carsharing in Greater Forest Lawn
By: Arusha, Peter Schryvers
Grant Number: 2009-14

This research of carsharing in the Greater Forest Lawn area by Peter Schryvers was a component of a larger research study examining travel and housing location choice behaviors of households in Calgary. Thirteen households in total were recruited for the study, seven of which came from the Greater Forest Lawn area. ARUSHA supervised the study as part of its social marketing campaign for carsharing in Calgary.

Grant #: 2009-14
Author: Arusha, Peter Schryvers
Year: 2010
Format: hard copy, slideshare link

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Sustainable Action Canmore
By: Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Grant Number: 2009-05

This project was a pioneering community-based program designed to foster sustainable behaviour among the Town’s households. Combining door-to-door canvassing with the tools of Community-Based Social Marketing, the program enlisted residents to take action in one of four domains: water use, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and transportation impacts.

Grant #: 2009-05
Author: Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Year: 2010
Format: website, ppt

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Recommended Standards and Practises for Alberta Land Trusts
By: Alberta land Trust Alliance
Grant Number: 2009-03

Manual designed to address the needs of Alberta’s land trusts and to provide information for new land trusts. It supports the Canadian Land Trust Alliance’s standards and practises and has built in CLTA standards and practices. Modules include (1) Baseline Documentation Report (2) Stewardship Monitoring (3) Dedicated Stewardship Funding (4) Best Stewardship Practises (5) Beneficial Management Practises (6) Funding Development Guide.

Grant #: 2009-03
Author: Alberta land Trust Alliance
Year: 2010
Format: hard copy, pdf

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Grow Op Remediation
By: Alberta Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2009-19

The intent of the recommendations in this report is to ensure that properties used as illegal drug operations produce no adverse health effects or building code implications that will hinder their resale or habitation. This report describes particular contaminants and hazards of marihuana grow operations and methamphetamine labs. Recommendations for education, communication, organization, roles and responsibilities, and reporting are also included in this report.

Grant #: 2009-19
Author: Alberta Real Estate Association
Year: 2010

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Making the Connection: Water and Land in Alberta
By: Water Matters
Grant Number: 2009-07

A comprehensive analysis of how land use impacts the health of watersheds, Making the Connection points out the best – and often cheapest – way to maintain clean drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems, and abundant fisheries is not to allow them to be compromised in the first place.

Grant #: 2009-07
Author: Water Matters
Year: 2010
Format: pdf

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Riparian Land Conservation and Management Policy
By: MD of Rocky View
Grant Number: 2007-33

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, Rocky View embarked on a Growth Management Strategy in order to facilitate sound land use and development decisions regarding community sustainability, resource management and the environment.

Grant #: 2007-33
Author: MD of Rocky View
Year: 2010
Format: pdf

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