The Alberta Smart Growth Report
By: Allan Bolstad for the Sierra Club of Canada
Grant Number: 2004-29

A report on Smart Growth in Alberta and steps needed to advance the smart growth principles.

Grant #: 2004-29
Author: Allan Bolstad for the Sierra Club of Canada
Year: 2005
Format: pdf

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SAIT Course Module: Alberta’s “Green” Building Programs and Initiatives
Grant Number: 2004-07

This course was funded as part of the Albert Eco-Home Demonstration project and identifies the builder and renovator requirements for developing “green” homes. It also outlines the homebuyer benefits of each of the “green” programs and initiatives in Alberta, including: EnerGuide for New Houses, EnerGuide for Existing Houses, Built Green and R-2000.

Grant #: 2004-07
Author: SAIT
Year: 2005
Format: hard copy

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The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta: Alberta’s Amenities Rush
By: Chinook Institute
Grant Number: 2003-42

The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta is a community training workshop series designed to help rural residents understand and practice sustainable land use and conservation. The booklet and accompanying workshops are meant to engage community residents, municipal offi cials, and land management and development professionals in a dialogue that provides an understanding of the nature of Alberta’s current growth and its impacts, imparts an appreciation of the ecological and cultural values of natural landscapes, and off ers strategies and tools that help participants identify, anticipate and address local land use issues.

Grant #: 2003-42
Author: Chinook Institute
Year: 2005
Format: Website

On the Living Edge: Your Guide for Waterfront Living
By: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Grant Number: 2003-36

On The Living Edge contains information specifically for lakefront and streamside properties in Alberta. REALTOR®S® use this publication as a gift for waterfront purchasers, information for consumers and for pre-purchase support. The publication includes information on erosion, septic systems, building by water and purchasing tips.

Grant #: 2003-36
Author: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Year: 2005
Format: pdf

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