Sustainable Action Canmore
By: Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Grant Number: 2009-05

This project was a pioneering community-based program designed to foster sustainable behaviour among the Town’s households. Combining door-to-door canvassing with the tools of Community-Based Social Marketing, the program enlisted residents to take action in one of four domains: water use, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and transportation impacts.

Grant #: 2009-05
Author: Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Year: 2010
Format: website, ppt

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Making the Connection: Water and Land in Alberta
By: Water Matters
Grant Number: 2009-07

A comprehensive analysis of how land use impacts the health of watersheds, Making the Connection points out the best – and often cheapest – way to maintain clean drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems, and abundant fisheries is not to allow them to be compromised in the first place.

Grant #: 2009-07
Author: Water Matters
Year: 2010
Format: pdf

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Future of Alberta Land Use Customized Land Use Presentations for the Real Estate Industry by Brad Stelfox
By: Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Grant Number: 2008-14

This is a customized and interactive powerpoint presentation focused on the real estate industry in Alberta, with emphasis on residential growth.

o Comparison of growing out (sprawl) vs growing up. o Indicators on land footprint, infrastructural construction and maintenance costs, commuting time, fuel requirements, etc. o Projected population growth in urban, rural residential, and agricultural residential settings.

o Changes to family metrics (size, age, other demographics) and how they will influence demand side for different growth forms.

Grant #: 2008-14
Author: Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Year: 2008
Format: Alberta Land Use Presentation

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On the Living Edge: Your Guide for Waterfront Living
By: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Grant Number: 2003-36

On The Living Edge contains information specifically for lakefront and streamside properties in Alberta. REALTOR®S® use this publication as a gift for waterfront purchasers, information for consumers and for pre-purchase support. The publication includes information on erosion, septic systems, building by water and purchasing tips.

Grant #: 2003-36
Author: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Year: 2005
Format: pdf

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LawNow June/July 2004
By: LawNow Magazine
Grant Number: 2002-40

Feature on water.

Grant #: 2002-40
Author: LawNow Magazine
Year: 2004
Format: hard copy