Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development
By: Pembina Institute
Grant Number: 2015-04

Alberta’s energy development landscape is a maze of regulations and complex relationships. The Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development provides advice on negotiating the best relationship possible between industry representatives who live and breathe this subject matter and property owners or communities that may be facing it for the first time. It also provides accessible advice on some of these complex questions:

  • If a permit agent knocks at your door and says a company wants to conduct seismic exploration on your land, how do you decide whether to grant permission?
  • If a land agent tells you a company plans to drill a well or put a pipeline on your land, what do you need to know before you start negotiations? How do you decide whether any special conditions are needed in a surface lease or right-of-entry agreement?
  • If there are plans to build a well or pipeline near your home, is the company obliged to tell you or consult with you?
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The International Housing Coalition Case Study 3: Aboriginal Housing in Canada: Building on Promising Practices
By: Canadian Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2005-23

This study entitled Aboriginal Housing in Canada: Building On Promising Practices was prepared as part of a series organized by the International Housing Coalition (IHC) for presentation at the World Urban Forum in June 2006.

Grant #: 2005-23
Author: Canadian Real Estate Association
Year: 2006
Format: hard copy

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Farm, Ranch and Acreage Property Program: Needs Assessment December 2004
By: Olds College
Grant Number: 2004-30

A unique training opportunity for REALTOR®S® to achieve excellence in rural client service . The course includes: * Presentations from experts in related fields * Touring country residential properties and looking at characteristics that affect value * Critical thinking and group discussion to turn industry challenges into solutions For more information on the course, visit:

Grant #: 2004-30
Author: Olds College
Year: 2004
Format: Needs Assessment

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A Conservation Tool chest for Landowners: Investing in the Land You Love
By: Grand Prairie Real Estate Board
Grant Number: 2002-25

A booklet created for private landowners by the Alberta Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada outlining the various tools that are available for private land conservation; ways for individuals to protect their rural communities and the stunning landscapes that surround them.

Grant #: 2002-25
Author: Grand Prairie Real Estate Board
Year: 2002
Format: hard copy

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Get the Real Dirt
By: Cindy Chiasson for Environmental Law Centre
Grant Number: 2000-27

A practical legal guide to contaminated land transactions and promotions.

Grant #: 2000-27
Author: Cindy Chiasson for Environmental Law Centre
Year: 2000
Format: hard copy

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Reconciling Ecosystem and Political Borders: A Legal Map
By: Arlene J. Kwasniak for Environmental Law Centre
Grant Number: 1994-07

A research document maintaining ecological integrity in a multi-jurisdictional area.

Grant #: 1994-07
Author: Arlene J. Kwasniak for Environmental Law Centre
Year: 1997
Format: hard copy