Service Excellence Program by Alberta Real Estate Association
By: Alberta Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2009-21

Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA)’s Service Excellence Program is a comprehensive professional development opportunity helping to align the services Alberta REALTORS® provide with what today’s consumers expect. Using extensive consumer research, the program provides REALTORS® the knowledge of how those expectations have changed, and then provides the tools to help ensure the REALTOR®’s service meets or exceeds clients’ expectations.

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Alberta’s Real Estate Heritage
By: Heritage Community Foundation
Grant Number: 2008-26

The real estate industry in Alberta has played a vital role in shaping communities. Not only has it contributed to the province’s economic development, the history of the transactions it facilitates also chronicle the social, political, demographic, and architectural heritage of cities, towns and rural communities across the province. Collectively and individually, real estate professionals have made and continue to make significant contributions to the fabric of the province, and these deserve to be made known. Alberta’s Real Estate Heritage website is an educational multimedia website showcasing information about all aspects of the real estate industry – its history, people, and landmark buildings.

Grant #: 2008-26
Author: Heritage Community Foundation
Year: 2009

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Designated Agency – Resource Guide
By: Alberta Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2007-42

Designated agency is an option for brokerages as of March 1, 2008. The resource guide was compiled for REALTOR®S® and brokers to better understand the model of designated agency.

Grant #: 2007-42
Author: Alberta Real Estate Association
Year: 2008
Format: pdf

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Green REALTOR® Program
By: Monica Pohlman
Grant Number: 2006-24

Given the recent surge of media attention and consumer interest in “green” opportunities and challenges, the Alberta Real Estate Association and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation commissioned research to better understand the implications for Alberta REALTOR®S®. Seven key trends were identified that make the business case for enhanced attention to green issues by Alberta REALTOR®S®.

Grant #: 2006-24
Author: Monica Pohlman
Year: 2006
Format: pdf

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A Study of the Feasibility of a Reciprocal Insurance Exchange for Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association
By: lberta Mortgage Brokers' Association
Grant Number: 2006-06

The study explores the feasibility of a reciprocal insurance exchange for the provision of professional liability insurance for members of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA). The study was undertaken as a component of its mission to provide the general public and other stakeholders with the highest possible standards of transparency, integrity, professional conduct, customer service, customer protection by compliance with a common code of ethics and business practices.

Grant #: 2006-06
Author: Alberta Mortgage Brokers’ Association
Year: 2007
Format: hard copy

Broker Benchmarking Study
By: Overview Business Consulting Inc for the Alberta Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2005-33

A culmination of a project to benchmark the profitability and other characteristics of our province’s real estate brokerages.

Grant #: 2005-33
Author: Overview Business Consulting Inc for the Alberta Real Estate Association
Year: 2006
Format: pdf

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On the Living Edge: Your Guide for Waterfront Living
By: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Grant Number: 2003-36

On The Living Edge contains information specifically for lakefront and streamside properties in Alberta. REALTOR®S® use this publication as a gift for waterfront purchasers, information for consumers and for pre-purchase support. The publication includes information on erosion, septic systems, building by water and purchasing tips.

Grant #: 2003-36
Author: Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society
Year: 2005
Format: pdf

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Strategy 2007: Residential Real Estate in Alberta
By: Jane Lee Saber, Ryerson University, and Paul Messinger, University of Alberta
Grant Number: 2003-19

The real estate industry is changing and so are technologies and consumer attitudes. The report offers a comprehensive summary of real estate buyers, sellers and strategies for the industry in Alberta .

Grant #: 2003-19
Author: Jane Lee Saber, Ryerson University, and Paul Messinger, University of Alberta
Year: 2007
Format: pdf

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