What Lies Beneath? Buyer Beware.
By: Environmental Law Centre
Grant Number: 2009-17

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: You buy a home, move in, then find out there’s an abandoned gas well beneath, leaking and contaminating your property.

Think it can’t happen to you? It can. According to the Energy Resources Conservation Board in November 2012 over 150,000 abandoned wellsites dotted the Alberta landscape, making it essential that buyers do their homework.

“These nightmares happen because of gaps between what Albertans should know, could know and actually do know about their environment,” says Adam Driedzic, Staff Counsel and author of a new Environmental Law Centre publication, What Lies Beneath? Access to Environmental Information in Alberta.

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Long Term Sustainability Protocol Development
By: Foothills Land Trust
Grant Number: 2009-18

The Foothill’s land trust developed these materials to enhance a small land trust’s sustainability and operations. Templates developed include: (1) Policies and Procedures (2) Legal Defence Costs (3) Conservation Easement (4) Baseline Template (5) Baseline documentation.

Grant #: 2009-18
Author: Foothills Land Trust
Year: 2010
Format: hard copy, website

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Grow Op Remediation
By: Alberta Real Estate Association
Grant Number: 2009-19

The intent of the recommendations in this report is to ensure that properties used as illegal drug operations produce no adverse health effects or building code implications that will hinder their resale or habitation. This report describes particular contaminants and hazards of marihuana grow operations and methamphetamine labs. Recommendations for education, communication, organization, roles and responsibilities, and reporting are also included in this report.

Grant #: 2009-19
Author: Alberta Real Estate Association
Year: 2010

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Renting 101 – A Guide to Renting in Alberta
By: Legal Resource Centre
Grant Number: 2008-21

Taking the laws that apply to renters in Alberta and presenting them in a useful, quick-reference format, this booklet can be used as a convenient ready-reference source for students and first-time renters. This is the latest publication resulting from Phase V of the Legal Resource Centre’s Residential Tenancies Legal Information Program.

Grant #: 2008-21
Author: Legal Resource Centre
Year: 2009
Format: pdf

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LawNow Summer 2007
By: LawNow Magazin
Grant Number: 2006-16

LawNow is a bi-monthly magazine that provides unique insights into the changing social conditions by examining and reflecting on contemporary issues from the perspective of the law. This edition featured consumer information on real estate.

Grant #: 2006-16
Author: LawNow Magazine
Year: 2007
Format: hard copy

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Residential Tenancies Legal Information Project Phase III
By: University of Alberta - Legal Studies Program
Grant Number: 2005-18

This website offers comprehensive information on laws for landlords and tenants in Alberta. The information contained on this site was correct at the time it was posted. Be aware that it is possible there may have been subsequent changes, which make the information outdated at the time you are accessing it.

Grant #: 2005-18
Author: University of Alberta – Legal Studies Program
Year: 2006
Format: former website

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