Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Urban Development: Toward Smart Growth in Calgary
By: David Co roux, Noel Keogh, Byron Miller and Jesse Row
Grant Number: 2006-20

This policy brief examined the most current and cutting edge research on sustainable cities. It examines the principles of smart growth as a sustainable approach to urban sprawl. 10 key actions are identified to move Calgary on the road to smart growth.

Grant #: 2006-20
Author: David Co roux, Noel Keogh, Byron Miller and Jesse Row
Year: 2006
Format: hard copy

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Development Road Map and Best Practices in Southwest Alberta
By: Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI)
Grant Number: 2005-20

This document provides an overview of likely regulatory processes and related issues in respect of potential development projects that may be proposed in southwest Alberta.

Grant #: 2005-20
Author: Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI)
Year: 2006
Format: pdf

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The Fiscal Implications of Land Use in a Rural Municipality: A Cost of Community Services (COCS) Study for Red Deer County, Alberta
By: Miistakis Institute
Grant Number: 2004-36

Land use planning is a complex process. The report is designed to help connect the fiscal land use components of municipal decision making in a straight forward and cost-effective way. Red Deer county sits at Alberta’s centre. It is one of the fastest growing regions in Alberta. The county looked at the cost of community services study to better plan for the future.

Grant #: 2004-36
Author: Miistakis Institute
Year: 2004
Format: pdf

Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative
By: Canada West Foundation
Grant Number: 2004-05

The Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative is a part of the Canada West Foundation’s “Western Cities Project”. The report outlines the environmental costs of current development and highlights the potential econmic and environmental benefits of integrating natual features and ecological services into community design. The overall intent of the report is to encourage policmakers, the development industry , consumers and other interested parties to work together to enhance public policy.

Grant #: 2004-05
Author: Canada West Foundation
Year: 2004
Format: hard copy

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The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta: Alberta’s Amenities Rush
By: Chinook Institute
Grant Number: 2003-42

The Open Space Toolkit for Alberta is a community training workshop series designed to help rural residents understand and practice sustainable land use and conservation. The booklet and accompanying workshops are meant to engage community residents, municipal offi cials, and land management and development professionals in a dialogue that provides an understanding of the nature of Alberta’s current growth and its impacts, imparts an appreciation of the ecological and cultural values of natural landscapes, and off ers strategies and tools that help participants identify, anticipate and address local land use issues.

Grant #: 2003-42
Author: Chinook Institute
Year: 2005
Format: Website

A Conservation Tool chest for Landowners: Investing in the Land You Love
By: Grand Prairie Real Estate Board
Grant Number: 2002-25

A booklet created for private landowners by the Alberta Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada outlining the various tools that are available for private land conservation; ways for individuals to protect their rural communities and the stunning landscapes that surround them.

Grant #: 2002-25
Author: Grand Prairie Real Estate Board
Year: 2002
Format: hard copy

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