Ecotrust Eco-Home Demonstration Project
By: Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Grant Number: 2004-22

The Alberta Ecohome outlined four primary goals relating to the environmental performance of the home and the engagement of community groups, industry groups and the greater community. A. Design and construct an eco-demonstration home. B. Provide a platform for numerous collaborations and partnership in the community. C. Build the capacity of environmental non-government organizations (NGOs). D. Provide new opportunities to build awareness of energy efficiency and environmental options for new homebuyers and the community.

Grant #: 2004-22
Author: Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Year: 2006
Format: hard copy

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SAIT Course Module: Alberta’s “Green” Building Programs and Initiatives
Grant Number: 2004-07

This course was funded as part of the Albert Eco-Home Demonstration project and identifies the builder and renovator requirements for developing “green” homes. It also outlines the homebuyer benefits of each of the “green” programs and initiatives in Alberta, including: EnerGuide for New Houses, EnerGuide for Existing Houses, Built Green and R-2000.

Grant #: 2004-07
Author: SAIT
Year: 2005
Format: hard copy

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Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative
By: Canada West Foundation
Grant Number: 2004-05

The Urban Growth and Land Use Initiative is a part of the Canada West Foundation’s “Western Cities Project”. The report outlines the environmental costs of current development and highlights the potential econmic and environmental benefits of integrating natual features and ecological services into community design. The overall intent of the report is to encourage policmakers, the development industry , consumers and other interested parties to work together to enhance public policy.

Grant #: 2004-05
Author: Canada West Foundation
Year: 2004
Format: hard copy

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LawNow June/July 2003
By: LawNow Magazine
Grant Number: 2003-30

LawNow magazine featuring the topic of housing.

Grant #: 2003-30
Author: LawNow Magazine
Year: 2003
Format: hard copy

Green Calgary formerly known as Clean Calgary
By: Your New Home - A Guide to Healthy Living & Environmental Cost Saving
Grant Number: 2001-34

Buying or Renting a New Home? Learn about improved home health and cost savings through energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation and waste management. This guide will enable the reader to identify homes that offer a healthy living environment and below average operating costs. Included in the guide are checklists, websites and valuable information on assessing operating costs. The guide offers tips for assessing the health of a home and is a resource for both home owners and renters. More information can be found on the Clean Calgary website.

Grant #: 2001-34
Author: Your New Home – A Guide to Healthy Living & Environmental Cost Saving
Year: 2001
Format: pdf

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Redeveloping Calgary’s Post War Communities
By: John L. Brown, MRAIC for the U of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design
Grant Number: 1995-15

This paper examines the housing stock of post-war inner city neighbourhoods and proposes a future in which sensitive and economically viable re-use and redevelopment strategies can provide new and innovative housing alternatives for the Calgary market.

Grant #: 1995-15
Author: John L. Brown, MRAIC for the U of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design
Year: 1995
Format: hard copy

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