Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Organization Description Amount
Calgary Real Estate Board Biting into Big Data Summit $3,500
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology NAIT Alternative Energy Technology $325
Alberta Real Estate Association Banff Western Connection 2017 $2,500
Alberta Food Matters Cultivating Connections Forum 2017 $4,500
Red Deer County Green Acreages Liaison – Stewardship for Small Acreages $5,000
Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) Connections Conference 2017 $2,500
Canadian Institute of Planners National Professional Planners Conference – Building Resilience $1,500
Calgary Chamber of Commerce 2017 Southern Alberta commercial tenant real estate forum $2,000
Edmonton Tool Library Society Edmonton Tool Library $2,000
University of Calgary Walk21 $5,000
Leduc Nisku Economic Development Association 3rd Annual Leduc Regional Real Estate Forum $1,500
Alberta Network of Non-Profit Housing Agencies Alberta Non-Profit Housing Conference $5,000
Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance June 2017 Energy Efficiency Event $1,000
Environmental Law Centre Green Regs & Ham Breakfast October 2017 $2,500
Oldman Watershed Council Southern Alberta Water Charter 2017 $5,000
Pembina Institute 2017 Alberta Climate Summit $5000
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Southern Alberta CPAWS Southern Alberta 50th Anniversary Gala $828.99
TOTAL TO DATE $49,653.99


Lifehouse Care Home Society

Alive Inside, is a full body experience that allows participants the opportunity to explore the limitations of aging. This educational workshop will expose Realtors and other influential community members to a reality which will help them deeply understand how environment impacts mobility, behaviour, health and healing. Awareness will encourage the development of environments that are accessible to everyone, including aging populations and those with disabilities. This immersive experience will inform and empower Realtors and other influential community members so they can help to further educate and support aging in place.



After the devastating wildfires, Wood Buffalo (WB) has the opportunity to implement a process to build a more resilient community. This requires a community engagement process, to ensure ownership by the community. This proposal therefore, falls under the Community Innovation area and, aims at utilizing a strategic, comprehensive and innovative approach/tool – The WB Strategy Roadmap – to better understand the challenges facing the community and identify priority areas for the community’s recovery effort.


Alberta Real Estate Association

AREA wants to improve the Alberta real estate industry’s understanding of true professional excellence, defining it with statistically relevant, benchmark Alberta consumer research, as well as member and key stakeholder input. Using these publicly released research results, AREA will develop applicable and measurable Standards of Professional Excellence for the Industry.


Camrose Open Door Association

This pilot project will provide hard to house tenants with the knowledge, tools and support that they need in order to be successful renters. The project will incorporate development of workshop curriculum, education sessions, appropriate community referrals, security deposit assistance and ongoing support to assist the tenant in stabilizing their housing situation.

Stewards of the Lac la Biche Watershed

Living Lakes Canada and the Stewards of the Lac la Biche Watershed, and with support from Lac La Biche County, are conducting a Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping Project for Lac la Biche. Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping was developed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, as a method to conduct fish and wildlife habitat assessments of freshwater lakes. The information collected includes land use, riparian habitat alterations and existing sensitive fish and wildlife habitats on both public and private land. The resulting Shoreline Management Guidelines direct shoreline activities in a manner that will protect, conserve and restore important fish and wildlife habitats and the water they depend on. The Guidelines have proven invaluable for local and provincial government to make sustainable land use decisions along our lake shorelines.

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society

2017 is the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society’s 25th anniversary year. As such, the Society will be highlighting their achievements over the past 25 years and providing new and exciting ways to get involved in the Fish Creek Park community. By leveraging skilled staff and volunteers to provide outreach activities, hands on stewardship, engagement activities and social enterprise, a core of informed park users will be supported by a stable non-profit society. This will enable the Society to continue to improve the quality of life for Calgary families and support local real estate values far into the future.

Hearts & Hammers Society

Hearts and Hammers offers free home renovations to Calgarians with mobility challenges. For the past 4 years, the organization has been run by volunteers, and has been able to complete up to 5 renovations a year.  As the organization experiences more demand, full-time staff are needed to ensure sustainability and strategic growth.  Bringing on more staff capacity would allow H&H to continue providing home renovations for Calgarians with reduced mobility, while also enhancing their social support.


Alberta WaterPortal

Alberta is projected to add 1.8 million residents by 2040. Over the same time period, climate change may lead to a reduction in available water resources. In this context, an understanding of the converging demands for water from communities, as well as the energy and food production sectors is critical. Ultimately, this project will engage stakeholders to encourage consideration of the water-food-energy nexus and support more holistic water management decision making.


Sustainability Resources Ltd

The Rural Prosperity Initiative is a collaborative programmatic approach to showcasing and implementing sustainability solutions in Alberta’s communities. The Rural Prosperity Initiative is a collaboration between industry, local and provincial governments, non-government organizations and institutions to help communities identify opportunities for waste reduction and repurposing, water reuse, and clean and renewable energy infrastructure upgrades that can save money, attract industry and reduce carbon and GHG.